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Tokyo University of Agriculture

Tokyo University of Agriculture

Michigan State University and Tokyo University of Agriculture Partnership

  • MSU‘s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the oldest partner of Tokyo University of Agriculture (TUA). The partnership has been active since 1966. MSU is the only partner university of TUA in the United States.

  • Every year, Tokyo University of Agriculture sends exchange students to MSU. TUA students spend one year at MSU taking academic courses, English Language classes, and learning about American Culture. All credits are transferred to TUA towards graduation.

  • Tokyo University of Agriculture students attend the Summer Study Program at MSU. In this program, TUA students learn about MIchigan agriculture and natural resources. They attend classes, visit farms, State Parks, County Fairs, and participate in a variety of educational activities.

  • Many faculty members from Tokyo University of Agriculture have spend time at MSU working in various laboratories and departments. Our partnership program supports joint research and exchange of scientists/researchers.

  • MSU faculty members have taught classes/workshops at Tokyo University of Agricultre. They have collaborated with Tokyo University of Agriculture faculty in joint research projects.

  • Since 2001, some 30 MSU students have participated in the INternational Student Summit organized by Tokyo University of Agriculure. MSU students have also attended the Comprehensive International Education Program and Summer Field Experience in TUA’s Joetsu Farm.

  • MSU and TUA partnership has sustained for 48 years. Both sides have beenfitted from the partnerships. Both are commmitted to strengthen and deepen the partnership. In October, 2012, MSU hosted the INternational Summit on Higher Education in Food, Agriculture and Environment in partnership with Tokyo University of Agriculture. We invited academic leaders and student represnntatives from over 30 major agricultural universities from aroudn the world. This was a join activity between MSU and Tokyo University of Agriculture.